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[Feature request] ISO 8601 compliant Zettel IDs

Currently, The Archive generates Zettel IDs that are not strictly compliant with with the latest ISO 8601 standard. According to Wikipedia, since 2019 the ISO 8601 standard requires a "T" to be present between the date and time sections. It would be great if ISO 8601 compliant Zettel IDs could be incorporated into a future release, preferably as a predefined native option.

I figure, if one is going to use a date and time stamp as an ID (and I can see the benefits of doing so), then the ID may as well be strictly ISO 8601 compliant.

I realise this is pedantic, not massively important, and can easily solved by other means (TextExpander, etc.). It'd just be a nice touch.

Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_8601 § "Combined date and time representations"


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