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[REQUEST] configurable ID stamp

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I prefer a slightly more human-readable ID schema: 2018-03-29-170503, with hyphens between year, month, day, and 6 digit timestamp. Right now, I generate these with a TextExpander snippet, which is fine. But it would be nice if the new note command could be configured to generate such IDs.

Obviously, at best a nice to have feature, rather than truly necessary.

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  • Your case should be covered when the new file generation template is fully customizable.

    By the way, I started with Ids like that, too, for the first couple of years, but never found it useful in the end. It sounded "logical" to help aid the eye, but in a note list it's easy to parse the year and month with a glance, and now I still have to rename a lot of notes to the newer format manually, regretting my original decision :)

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  • Easy enough to do a bulk rename (either with a GUI tool like Name Mangler, or with a CLI script).

    Come to think of it, I might just have Hazel change the file name to my preferred format once the file has been created by The Archive.

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