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App Development Pattern Language (Book)

I listened to a talk the other day, lamenting how Design Patterns never evolved past a few mid-level patterns. The original A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander is much more ... hypertextual. And granular. (It's a great book, by the way.)

That was when I found that I know a lot of stuff about app development that could be broken down into conceptual and implementation patterns.

So I did the most reasonable thing: create a new note and jot down a couple of ideas before they vanish:

# 201804140920 App Architecture and Basic Patterns for Swift Development
##outline #swift #software-architektur ##wip

- [[201804140932]] Programming pattern languages need to broaden the scope to be useful
    - not just implementation patterns, but conceptual patterns and building blocks like in Evans's DDD


- cohesive module
    - application, model, ui layer
    - separation: cut a feature across all layers
    - example: State module; ThemeUpdater/SavedSearchesEditor in The Archive; FolderMonitoring in WordCounter; Export in TableFlip
    - bounded context: can have the same type names as other modules but with a different meaning

I'll revisit this note later and add links to existing Zettel notes pertaining the topic. Even if it takes a million years, I can now expand this. I'll keep you posted.

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