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Are there any plans for a port from MacOS to these other operating systems?


  • Haha! I'd upvote that suggestion, but I'm not sure @ctietze has the time to split his attention in this manner. Hopefully I am wrong :smile:

  • Short answer: There are no actual plans.

    Long answer with some techno mumbo-jumbo: Future versions of the app might have a different software underpinning, ditching compatibility with macOS versions as ancient as 10.12 (which The Archive v1.x.x still supports). That opens up the possibility to make use of Apple's newer tech that is targeted at cross-platform development to make it easier to support the whole Apple ecosystem, not just either mobile or Mac. I do hope that when we get to this point, said technology has advanced a bit further, and kinks that devs are currently complaining about are then long ironed-out. Since iPad Pros have M1 CPUs, the same as recent Macs, you can do a lot of computing-intensive work, and the iPad is becoming a capable replacement for MacBooks. In a couple years, this request will likely be coming up more and more as people choose iPads as their primary computing devices. Bottom line is, it could make more and more sense to offer an iPad app as the technology gets better to make it possible for a solo developer (me) to even consider pulling this off. Sascha and I will revisit this idea and discuss this when the time comes. A TODO for this exists for quite a while :)

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