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Raycast, a free Alfred Alternative

I follow ldstephens for interesting Apple hardware/software news. This caught my eye, as I think it might a few who read The Archive forum. Apparently Raycast is not only free but has a richer feature set than Alfred.



  • Thanks for sharing this!

    How Raycast is going to remain free while they grow their team eludes me. Or how the subscription is going to pan out. But let's hope for the best :)

    I'm still using the open source Quicksilver a lot. The subject-verb-object approach is really nice to e.g. move a selected file to a folder quickly. But Alfred always had a larger community of plugin makers, and it seems that Raycast goes into the same direction. That's good. Enabling users to extend the app will make it more useful to more people in the long term, while Quicksilver is dying a slow death for 2 decades.

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