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The Archive in two windows

I was quite excited to discover how to use The Archive in two windows properly. I"m sure many people here know this, but I thought I'd share it here as it wasn't obvious to me at first.

If you open a new window (from the Window menu), it opens a second copy of The Archive. Normally, this window operates independently of the first window.

But what I hadn't realized is that, if you have the second window open and highlighted, you can right click on links in the (unhighlighted) first window. If you hover over a link, right click and select Open Link in that window, it leaves the first window on its current page, and opens the link in the second window. Very cool. This is really useful for copying material between documents that are part of the same "tree" of documents, without losing your place or leaving the current document.


  • @DuncanMKZ

    Didn't know about this - thanks!

  • Well, I didn't realize that, either :)

    Interesting: so you can right-click on links in the background window without bringing that window to the front. The frontmost window will handle and receive the command.

    That's a neat (ab)use of, uh, let's call it "emergent user interactions"? Nobody except maybe Apple planned for this ;)

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