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[FEATURE] Remember opened note when quitting

Most (good) macOS applications remember which document was opened when quitting and reopens them when re-opening the application. The Archive remembers the size and position of the window, but not which document was opened. It would be nice if it did.


  • Duly noted!

    I personally never found that proposition useful because I have the app open 24/7 for days and only close it when I reboot, and there's seldom any context to recover :) But workflows are different, so it's a sensible suggestion. -- This is the first time someone requested that, by the way, which I didn't expect to take so long.

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  • Hi Christian,

    Thank your for your reply, and thank you for such a great app. I assume it's because The Archive's document is the folder and not the text files it contains? I believe it was also the case with the old nvALT (although now that I think about it I can't remember if nvALT did remember the last opened file).

  • Although not completely what you are asking for, if you select View Sort Search Results -->Modification Date, Newest First, the Archive will display at the top of list, the last zettel worked on. Maybe not in the exact location within the zettel, but it's close enough:-).

  • On a similar theme, an option to select a default start page would be useful too. Right now, I use "0 0Index.txt" which put the file at the top of the name-sorted list. But if I could select a "home" page, then it could have the same sort of numbering as every other page, and it would still be easy to find.

  • @maximepigeon
    Sascha uses bookmarks to keep at hand Zettels to get back to. They write qqq anywhere in the note and search for that. Perhaps you could do that as a workaround until Christian makes the feature?

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