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Hello from apoc527

Hi everyone,

I'm an attorney in Seattle, WA. I am much tech savvier than 99% of my peers (the 1% are computer science patent lawyers). I love plaintext and Markdown and I am typing on my first MacBook ever. (I was Windows only until about 9 months ago.)

My interest in note-taking should be obvious. I live and die by the written word and ideas. My practice focuses on data security and privacy but is rather wide-ranging overall. I represent internet marketing companies, security providers, professional sports franchises and tons of random businesses in between (including a sort-of-competing plaintext-based application!).

I tried nvALT and used it for a while but I was very much in Waiting For Bitwriter mode until I saw The Archive. I also already use Christian's other Markdown app (TableFlip--speaking of which, when do we get that integrated into The Archive??) so trying this out seemed logical.

REALLY looking forward to being part of its continued development hopefully for a long time. I'm really curious about the "scripting" roadmap item, as one of my goals for this year is to learn JavaScript and Python. (I accomplished my other major goal quite recently, which was to pass the CISSP exam from ISC2.)

Great community so far--I learn a lot just reading the forum!

This is Me

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