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Disable Markdown and just use Plain Text?

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Is there a way to change this? Also, I have tried searching the forum on the top right. It doesn't work and instead takes me to a duckduckgo web search. Very strange.

Thank you for your time!

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  • The search is actually intended to use DDG :)

    Turning off Markdown is possible when you switch to the Cutting Edge aka beta release update channel in General Preferences, then restart the app: you'll now have a new "Debug" main menu were you can disable Markdown highlighting.

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  • Thank you for the response @ctietze!

    1. What is DDG?
    2. This worked but it's buggy depending on the theme you have chosen and what you switch to. I think this would be a nice feature to remove out of the Menu Bar and add to Preferences under the Editing tab once it's fully operating correctly and released.

    Thank you for your time!

  • @cmallon7 DDG = DuckDuckGo, sorry.

    Can you send some screenshots that show the problems you're having via email? In the best case, disabling Markdown should just leave you with unstyled text, i.e. only take the background and foreground color of the theme. If that's not working, that's actually not intentional aka a bug you could help investigate. Info is much appreciated!

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  • Thanks again for the help.

    I can't replicate it by telling you the exact steps. What I can say is it has something to do with:

    Preferences > Appearance > Light Theme / Dark Theme changes along with the Debug > Toggle Markdown changes.

    1. The Toggle Markdown doesn't always work. Depending on the theme, sometimes nothing happens, sometimes it works the first time.
    2. My computer is set to Dark Mode. Strangely, both the Light Theme and Dark Theme dropdowns both change the theme. In my opinion, this is redundant and confusing. I think removing the two separate options and changing them to one would be a step in the right direction.

    Thank you for your time!!

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