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[Request] Don't highlight omnibar text when doing a saved search?

I use The Archive for my productivity system as well as my Zettelkasten. I'm regularly using saved searches for things like #Inbox, #Project, #Next, etc.

When I hit Cmd-2 to show my list of projects, I would then love to search IN that list. But if I start typing, I erase the "#Project" in the omnibar, because it's highlighted. Is it possible to Recall a saved search and have it add a space and insertion point? Would be so nifty to type:

Cmd-2 gy

and see my project about building my home gym.

As it is right now, I need to type:

Cmd-2 right arrow gy

I realize this is the most insignificant request ever. 😂 But figured I'd ask.


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