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Rosano–Hyperdraft developer

Greetings from Canada 🙂

I was using nvAlt and Simplenote together for about 10 years and recently migrated to my own app, Hyperdraft, which I consider a web remake of Notational Velocity; my app is not based on files, but it supports markdown and you can own your data.

I'm interested in the idea of 'turning your text notes into a website' and have been cultivating a digital garden / personal wiki for about a year now, inspired by Andy Matuschak; in the same place as my private notes, I have other ones that are 'public', and they appear as pages on this website (wiki links become public URLs).

Learning about Zettelkasten over the last few years, it feels like I've been practicing it with todos and building projects, but not as much with 'knowledge'—my notes about the work of others 'slip away' because they are not interconnected and I don't put them in my note taking app. (I'm looking for an app that approximates manual sorting of index cards).

The 'searchable left-list' pattern is quite functional for me, and so I tend to incorporate it into all of my apps in some way. If you're interested to know more, check out my presentation called Wetware of writing and doing, where I also go into how I use Hyperdraft to make things happen.

Hope to hang out here more often as I have more to learn about Zettelkasten and maybe some apps to make 😉.


  • @rosano Greetings from a fellow Canadian and welcome to the ZK forum.

    I had a quick look at your Hyperdraft link, but haven't had any time to play with it yet. Just wanted to say "hello".

  • @GeoEng51 I appreciate that, thank you / merci :smile:

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