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[Bug Report] Editor wonkiness with the symbol ✔︎

This bug occurs with v1.7.5 Beta (2021-11-17)

I'm restarting a writing project and using the symbol ✔︎ as an indicator for completing a section of the outline.
Not too sophisticated, but I'm not fancy. This problem is trivial, but you wanted reports. I might be off base, and the problem is evidence of my misunderstanding.

The ✔︎ symbol is placed in a note, then the editor is switched to a different zettel, and the symbol disappears until some edit is made. Weird and hard to isolate and reproduce.
I'm not sure when this behavior changed.

Here is a better example but a little different. When I add a checkmark (any edit will invoke this behavior), all the others disappear until the editor's focus is refreshed by looking at a different zettel. If an edit is made to the line with the invisible checkmark, the checkmark on that line only will reappear.

Will Simpson
I'm a futzing, second-guessing, backtracking, compulsive oversharing, ZK-maniac, in other words, your typical zettelnant.
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  • @Will interesting bug, thanks for the GIFs! Can you email me a demo file that doesn't show the ✔︎ mark when you visit it + instructions if I need to search for something (or not search at all) before I select the note + if you have "highlight search terms" enabled? Trying to narrow this down.

    I presume this also happens when you freshly open the app again?

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