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[Bug Report] Editor wonkiness with the symbol ✔︎

This bug occurs with v1.7.5 Beta (2021-11-17)

I'm restarting a writing project and using the symbol ✔︎ as an indicator for completing a section of the outline.
Not too sophisticated, but I'm not fancy. This problem is trivial, but you wanted reports. I might be off base, and the problem is evidence of my misunderstanding.

The ✔︎ symbol is placed in a note, then the editor is switched to a different zettel, and the symbol disappears until some edit is made. Weird and hard to isolate and reproduce.
I'm not sure when this behavior changed.

Here is a better example but a little different. When I add a checkmark (any edit will invoke this behavior), all the others disappear until the editor's focus is refreshed by looking at a different zettel. If an edit is made to the line with the invisible checkmark, the checkmark on that line only will reappear.

Will Simpson
“Read Poetry, Listen to Good Music, and Get Exercise”


  • @Will interesting bug, thanks for the GIFs! Can you email me a demo file that doesn't show the ✔︎ mark when you visit it + instructions if I need to search for something (or not search at all) before I select the note + if you have "highlight search terms" enabled? Trying to narrow this down.

    I presume this also happens when you freshly open the app again?

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  • The same happens with the ` character (which you usually use as a pair to mark code inline, for example). It's strange because you lose this edit when you open another note, just for the last paragraph.

  • @ralfzosel Thanks for pointing this out! Just so we're on the same page, can you give step-by-step instructions for me to reproduce your observation?

    I interpret it as: you enter a single ``` backtick in the bottommost/last paragraph, and the rest of the note switches the rendering of ✓ checkmarks?

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  • @ctietze Sorry for confusing you. "The same happens" just meant: the edit vanishes too.

    I mark a word in the last paragraph with the mouse and hit the key for the backtick ones. Automatically, two backticks appear, one in front and another after the marked word. I go to another zettel and when I return to the first zettel, the backticks are gone.

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