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Icon size of "Saved Searches"?


I use the "Saved Searches" heavently, so the included Icons don't tell me enough about the saved search. I've for example "Saved Searches" for Lisp and for Haskell programming.

The easiest way would be to use the language specific icons, so I've done this, but the Icons looks not so nice in the sidebar (I use the small icons), they are blurred. Is there is a Icon size, I could use, so the icons I create look as good as the built-in ones? :-)

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    Try these.

  • You can find others here as SVG which can be converted to PNG at any size: https://github.com/braver/FileIcons/tree/master/build/assets

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    Hi pryley, thanks for the link with the FileIcons, and all as SVG. Nice. :smile:

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    It seems, the export from the SVGs as 16x16 pixel PNGs gets the best results (on non Retina displays ...). On Retina displays the size is 32x32 pixel.

  • There are ways to make TIFF files with multiple resolutions baked in so you can have 16x16@1x and 32x32@2x (Retina) in one file. I always find this a bit too finicky, so no concrete recommendation there from my part. Instead, I'd like to make the overall approach better in the app, but that is still some time away. Hope you can live this the workaround until then :)

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  • Hi Christian,

    after my last message, I've converted all my icons to 32x32 png's. Thats "nice" in non Retina and "very nice" in Retina ;)

    Instead, I'd like to make the overall approach better in the app ...

    That would be great :)

    Checked out your TIFF tipp and think you're right ... to tricky.

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