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Problems with ESC command

After using The Archive for some time, there is one feature I couldn't get used to it: the ESC shortcut for Reset Search. It happens quite often that while I'm writing a note I end up pressing ESC twice in a row (for example to cancel a search in the note, or the spelling box), and suddenly I lose the view of the note. While I can easily go back to the note, it still takes a bit of time to find the line I was at. Plus, there is an annoying break in the flow.

I was wondering if others had a similar experience and if they have a solution. Maybe redefining ESC with Keyboard Maestro, in such a way that one can still use this to cancel the other boxes (find, spelling etc.)? I find the role of ESC to Reset Search more intuitive in the Omnibar (when it's active), rather than in the body of the note itself.

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