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[SOLVED] [BUG] Tags lose their link decoration when ...

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Example string of tags with the last one in the series having lost its link decoration.

It seems this behavior is when tags are not on the last line of the file.

Let me explain the following GIF.
The first row of tags is on the last line of the file and looks fine until I place a linefeed, then the last tag loses its link decoration.

I then line feed 3X, and up arrow, so I'm not on the last line of the file, and after each tag, a space character causes the last tag to lose its link decorations.

Notice the tag in the YAML block. It is not on the last line of the file, and it has no link decoration because it has a space character after it.


It is the last word in the tag that loses its link decoration. In this screenshot, only the second half of the two-word tag is affected.

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