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Recent Change in Behaviour

With recent changes to The Archive, I've noticed one oddity in my old notes - perhaps worth pointing out.

First, I create a new note using @Will 's Keyboard Maestro macro. An empty new note looks like:

Now, I noticed when going into older Zettels, that my internal and external references were getting bolded as shown below (this is from the end of a note on "Equality in Death" containing my comments on a Daily Stoic post of the same title):

I found that to get back to the format I was expecting, I had to add a carriage return after the last bit of text (which was not required previously):

From the perspective of The Archive and how it operates, this is a minor, silly item, but the extra bolding bothers me aesthetically and so I find myself obsessively going through old zettles, adding a carriage return near the end.


  • My old self-made Markdown highlighter thingie was very lazy when it came to recognizing "setext" headings:

    heading lvl 1
    heading lvl 2

    The new editor component does recognize multi-line things way better in general, like lists, but also including headings.

    Visual line separators that don't collide with the Setext heading syntax include

    * * * * * * * 

    ... or separate a line of text from the dashes with an empty line. That's the best Markdown-compliant answer i can give at the moment :)

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