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I'm an 20-year-old female. I have a bunch of mental issues that are either inherent or results of life experience. I love reading - the only thing that keeps me from continuing to read is mental fatigue, lack of sleep. To me reading is a way of escape.

When I acquire new knowledge, I find myself a little more free from all the mental stuff. Sometimes I find myself doing things in slow motion because my brain is reserving energy for processing information.

However I'm not so happy with the amount of info I retain so I have been looking for a way to take better notes and Zettelkasten sounds like what I need! I have been reading about it yesterday evening but I'm still not able to fully grasp this method (I find myself in slow motion again).

But anyways, nice to meet you, everyone!


  • Hello @tree_t

    Welcome to the ZK forum! You will find a lot of good information here, between the tutorials and informative items posted by the web site owners ( @ctietze and @Sasha ) and the questions and answers from forum members.

    I suggest just taking it easy to start. There is no rush to get anywhere. Start small, and as you begin to understand some of the principles, try writing a few zettels and then connection them (if that makes sense).

    There is no "perfect" or "one right" way to create a ZK - the number of ways is only limited by the number of people talking about it. But there are some basic principles and you can find out about them here.

    Best of luck on your journey and I hope the mental exercise helps you to feel centered and to make progress in your learning.

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