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Hey Siri...

So I use The Archive + Dropbox for everything (Plus 1Writer for iOS).

Does anyone know a creative way to get "Hey Siri" to create a note for me?

  • I know iOS Shortcuts can create the note in 1Writer, but I still have to type the content.
  • I'd like a hands-free way to use Siri while driving to add a text file with "#inbox" directly to my Zettelkasten folder in Dropbox.
  • I know Drafts lets me export TO Dropbox, but I'd love a way for it to show up right there in one step, similar to how I can create a note in the Apple Notes app directly from Siri.
  • I use Keyboard Maestro, if that's helpful.

Any ideas?


  • Hi Joe.

    I made a very simple shortcut. It depends on their being a note called 'scratchpad' in Notes, but I am sure you could edit for your needs.

    Find all notes where body contains scratchpad
    set variable TheNote to Notes
    Dictate text
    Append Dictated Text to TheNote

    That's it!

    I have siri respond to Hey Siri, Add a note. Works pretty well, for me.

    Dictate Text (in Documents) will probably be the core of any solution.

    Good luck


  • Aha, so you'd have 1 "inbox" note and append content to it. That's a useful idea.

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  • Thanks Jeremy! Is that specifically for Apple Notes?

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    @Jeremy Your tips about dictate and append were so helpful. I was able to build a shortcut that adds
    dictated text #inbox
    To a file I created in my Zettelkasten Dropbox folder called *Hey Siri.txt

    Now that file ONLY shows up in my Inbox saved search when there’s something in it. Once I’ve dealt with the item, I delete everything in the note, including the #Inbox tag. Then the note shows back up next time my shortcut adds the tag back. Brilliant. Thank you!

  • This is magic! Five different "Hey Siri" "Zettel". Now I want to train the dictation to recognize "zettel" and extend the cutoff time.

    Zettel was captured as settled, Zittel, and zip.

    This only works for a few seconds. If I pause to breathe the dedication ends. Transcription of a voice note would allow longer dictation with pauses to think and breathe.

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  • @joegilder said:
    @Jeremy Your tips about dictate and append were so helpful.

    Really glad I was able to put you onto the correct path, and that you were able to follow it to a successful destination.

    The point about dictate text having a very brief pause trigger to end is valid; I have not managed to overcome this yet, but I feel there must be a way. Mostly it is no bother as I only want to capture a quick thought, usually as a reminder to consider it in more detail later.

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