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Problems during archive initialization with Typora file changes

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I use Typora to edit some of my Markdown files, and it creates temporary files with the filename note~.md. The problem is that The Archive seems to load these files into its DB, so although they are not present anymore, I get super annoying "Problems during archive initialization, not a note: note~.md" messages.

Is there any setting that I can use to ignore these files, or at least prevent this error message from popping up?

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  • I'll look into this. When the files are deleted again, The Archive should just forget about them, so the error you report is certainly not expected.

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  • Thank you, I appreciate it!

  • This was a weird one because I thought these ~ files are used as backup, but they're created and then destroyed immediately, overwriting the actual destination. This is used to prevent data loss during save operations. I don't know why they don't use the macOS built-in standard save algorithm that does the same but without confusing other apps :)

    The next cutting edge update ships with a couple of changes that should make this more bearable.

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  • That's awesome! I can suggest the macOS built-in standard save algorithm on their github issues. Thanks a bunch for looking into this so fast!

  • v1.7.1 stops nagging after presenting the error once, so I fixed the constant annoyance. Future updates will include additional adjustments.

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