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Is there a way to hide the Image Reference Link?

Hi everyone,
Is there a way to hide the reference link to images? Or, should I just relocate my Archive higher up on the folder hierarchy?

Thank you, amazing Zettlers!

  • Woodruff


  • Will Simpson
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  • @Will I think it is the link they want to hide, not the image.

    I wouldn't want anything buried that deep in my file system. The flatter I can keep things, the better I like it. I would also want to keep material in places that will be backed up by various applications or services, and sometimes the Library folder is excluded by default. Might also affect Spotlight, though I can't remember.

  • @MartinBB You can't get flatter and sync via iCloud from apps (here: Note Plan). That's Apple's way to sandbox each app's documents.

    @WoodruffCoates Good news: use relative paths!


    ... will work as well, provided that you visit a file in the NotePlan3 subfolder that contains the media folder, of course.

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  • @ctietze Thank you! I may just take the files out of NP then. I'd rather have the flatter folder architecture. :)

  • @ctietze said:
    You can't get flatter and sync via iCloud from apps

    Sync via iCloud is something I'm trying to avoid at the moment :)

    Or perhaps I should say that iCloud is trying to avoid synchronising at the moment. As I posted elsewhere this morning, I spent a good couple of hours waiting for this situation to resolve itself:

    This is on an iMac that had been running all night, and is connected to the internet via a cable. So it had been trying to download for the previous ten hours, roughly. I gave up and decided that it really is time to move everything into OneDrive (where I can).

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