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Version for Download Not the Latest

My in-app notice said I had 1.6.1 of The Archive and 1.6.3 was available, so I updated. As a person who likes to keep the previous version or two DMG files, in case there is an issue and I have to reinstall another version, I went to the website and downloaded the DMG. But, the download version available is only 1.6.0.


  • Check your preferences under General and Update Channel. You may have it checked for stable releases only, but you can check the Cutting Edge Update Channel.

  • Thank you, yes, I do have it checked for Release Update Channel, but if 1.6.3 is the release update, shouldn't the available download version on the website also be 1.6.3? Yet, it is only 1.6.0. I want to download a DMG of 1.6.3 to keep.

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    @robin_mcd Not all versions were available as DMG for direct download. They are used for stable releases; from there, cutting edge incremental updates are shipped. If they don't cause trouble, these updates appear with a delay on the Release update channel. And if in the meantime I didn't notice anything that got on my nerves, I usually pack it up as a DMG; if I find I need to ship another incremental update first, that version will be skipped.

    If you do backups like that, I suspect you're tech-savvy enough to look at XML files :) If so, here's the URL of the list of updates that were shipped in the past. You can extract the .zip downloads from there. https://update.christiantietze.de/thearchive/v1/release.xml

    Hope that helps. It's not DMG files but Zip files, though.

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