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Introducing my new android app for zettelkasten : Zettel Notes

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Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.eu.thedoc.zettelnotes

Hey guys. I created zettel notes after i couldn't find any app for zettelkasten on android.

As of now zettel notes supports:

  • Full Markdown
  • Note Linking
  • Multiple repositories with default text and date format for each
  • Extract note from within note
  • #tags
  • @authors
  • Share text from any app to create new note
  • Sort Notes by last modified, words, frequency of note opening, title, date

Do let me know, what you all think about zettel notes.


  • @dax7

    Iā€™m not an android user, but I do love everything Zettelkasten. Good for you, for making the lives of many zettelkasters so much easier!!!

  • Thanks @GeoEng51 . I love developing android apps.

  • I've been waiting for an app like this for a long time. Thank you.

  • I tested the app using the demo content that was provided. It looks great!

    Does the UID have to be in the filename for it to work? I only have the title of the note in the filename, no UID, and I couldn't get the app to read my files.

  • @jtschroder . Yes it needs UID ( in zettelkasten being the unique timestamp for each note ). Otherwise the app skips the note. Because UIDs are needed for note linking to work. Hope this was a rationale decision to make.

    Maybe in the future, the app will handle this condition more gracefully instead of just skipping the notes.

  • @dax7: The app looks cool.

    Some points of improvement šŸ˜‰:

    • When I click the 3 point menu of a note in the note list nothing happens. In Study Helper I can rename, share or delete a note. Is this a bug?
    • When I create a new note I can see the ID in the pop-up, but when the note is created I don't see the ID again. In your examples you have a header (h1) with the ID and the title. How can I create this kind of header? Or better: Can the app create this header automatically?
    • When I have edited a note and want to switch to the read mode I have to press it twice: 1x for saving/parsing and 1x for switching. Why a 2-step-process?
    • Sync via cloud in order to work on a tablet (I read in the description of your other app Study Helper that there is the possibility to sync with Dropbox).

      • Do you use .txt/.md-files?
    • Export to .md


    • What's the function of >!text!<? Comments? What dialect is this?
    • Where are the notes saved?
      • In a database or in files?
  • Hey there @myn_user . Thanks for the review.

    • I have updated the app. The 3 point menu button should work now. It might take 2 - 3 days for google to review the update.
    • ID is parsed as date and you can show date on notes by enabling the option in settings > Modify list item > Date
    • I will fix the two step process in next version.
    • The app support markdown files. Regarding adding sync functionality, i will surely add it later when the app is stable enough. Till then you can select your existing notes folder or create a new folder in your internal storage as repo in zettel notes and sync that folder via syncthing or dropbox.
    • In the updated version i have added the share functionality. You can click the 3 dot menu to access that.
    • >!text!< : this is a spoiler tag. Or rather click to reveal tag. For more details refer to this link
    • Notes are saved as markdown files in storage. When app is started for the first time, it shows markdown files from The Archive Markdown Demo.
      • You can select a folder contaning your existing markdown notes from repo option in the app menu.
  • @dax7 Thanks for the quick reply and update.

    I updated to the new version today.
    Thanks for the option to delete a note šŸ˜‰.

    Did you remove the option to choose the link-style or am I blind?

    [[ID Text]] or [[ID]] Text

  • @myn_user :lol: Yes, I removed the option. It needed some more work. I will add it in the next update.

  • @dax7 OK, I am not blind. šŸ˜

    I found out that [[ID Text]] works with the wiki function of Markor, which I use for my notes.

    By the way: I tried to use Markor as a
    Zettelkasten app before I found your app via your post.
    In Markor you can "attach"/link files:
    You choose another file via file explorer and Markor create the relative link to the note:

    [20210603103916 Test](20210603103916%20Test.md)

    So I have a lot of this kind of "hard" links.

    Would it be possible that Zettel Notes can open this linked files too?

  • edited June 3

    Here you go. The new update (v 1.0.4) should support this link [20210603103916 Test](20210603103916%20Test.md). Do note that app will work only for notes in the same folder.

    Also, you can open link dialog by typing [[ in note edit screen.

  • Hi @dax7,

    thanks for the fast implementation.

    I like your idea of using a "twitter-like" syntax for (hash-)tags and authors.

    A couple of things that caught my eye:

    • Author:

      • @@ only works if you defined the author somewhere in yaml.
      • When I use @@ the result is only the name of the author. Is this wanted?
      • An author defined via @ don't appear in the sidebar
      • When I click @author_name in a note the apps says that there is no note for this author.
      • Do I have to use @ in yaml too?
      • Can I define more than one author in yaml? Which syntax ([author1, author2] or yaml list)?
      • Are BibText citekeys (like @lastname2018 a problem for using the author-tag?
    • Hashtags

      • A tag defined via yaml don't appear in the sidebar
      • Often I have to change the repo in order to see a new hashtag in the sidebar
      • ## don't open a dialog
      • Do I have to use # in yaml too?
      • Can I define more than one tag via yaml (which syntax)?

    I hope my list don't demotivate you. šŸ˜‰
    I like your app. Really.

  • edited June 5

    Hey @myn_user. A developer needs reviews :smile: I like it when someone points out a bug or suggests a feature.

    Regarding your issues:

    • Author

      • Now in update (v1.0.5), authors are searched from note content, just like tags.
      • Yes, you have to use @ for denoting authors anywhere in yaml or in content.
      • You can define multiple authors. Just seperate them by space and add @ in front. Make sure that author name doesn't have space in between eg. @author_1 is valid and @author 1 is not.
      • BibText citekeys will be interpreted as authors.
    • Hashtags / Tags

      • Sidebar should show the new tags, as soon as the note is parsed. (v1.0.5)
      • There is only one condition in which ## will not open tags dialog and that is, if there are no tags in repository. It will rather show a toast saying 'no tags'
      • Yes, you can define multiple tags. Multiple tags should be seperated by space and start with # and with no space in between. eg. #tag1 #tag_2 are valid but #tag 1 is not.

    PS: You can denote tags and authors anywhere in note. Be sure to add # in front of tag and @ in front of author. Add your notes repo again after updating to v1.0.5.

    Also, if you enjoy using zettel notes, do leave a review in play store. It means a lot to me.

  • Hi @dax7,

    thanks for the detailed explanations.

    I still have problems with the ##-dialog.
    I have defined tags in yaml as well as hashtag.
    They are listed in the sidebar, but when I write ## nothing happens.

    What do I wrong?

  • Hey @myn_user , can you send a video showing the steps and issue ?

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