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PKM and Zettelkasten

Three questions:
Is Zettelkasten a method of PKM ( Personal Knowledge Management) or is it one of other methods of PKM.

Do you really need to go outside the Archive and use Obsidian , Roam , etc. to develop a PKM for yourself?

How can you use a Zettelkasten as a practical tool for doing something such as writing a book, studying for a test etc. in other words. Is the Zettelkasten more than a note taking method?



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    I dont know if I'll be able to answer all these well, but:

    1. I think you ended up asking the same question, two different ways, but I will just simplify it and say the ZK is a PKM method. It helps you manage personal knowledge.
    2. I don't use the Archive, but it depends on your goals for your PKM system. On the surface, I can see why someone simply sticks with whatever software they use, but I can also see one utilizing the advantages of different software. It appears to me that these apps mentioned will be capable of developing a simple PKM system on their own.
    3. I'm giving a rough idea that you can think about for writing content: Assuming you're working with an abundance of notes, when your zettels have one idea on them and are able to stand on their own, they can be used like lego blocks in that you can mix and match them to produce content for your projects. I'm sure there are other ways that people can use their ZKs for their own personal projects, but I'm just using one simple example.
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