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[FEATURE REQUEST] Fluidity of the Side Panel's Minimisation

Hey there,

When I press cmd+ctrl+s to minimise the sidepanel it minimises, but with a lag. The more info a zettel has bigger the lag. Empty zettels do not lag.

Is it possible to make the motion more fluid?


  • Yes, we're holding our breath for the new Markdown editor. It should make the transition a bit smoother. Since the current editor is to be replaced, I didn't spend much time improving the animation (or rather removing what's slowing it down in the Markdown highlighting pieces). It's done 'soon' :)

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  • Kudos then

  • Status update: While the editor in v1.7.0 did help, it's still perceivable sluggish when you have e.g. 5000 notes in the search results list. So optimizing that will be next.

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