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A relatively new monospace font that is easy to read, and it's free

I was reading a posting on another forum and the contributor of the posting talked about a monospaced font that caught my attention. I am always on the hunt for fonts that don't take up much screen space and are easy to read. The cousine font seems to meet both requirements. You can download it here.

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    To piggy back on the idea ... I love Courier Prime, optimized for screenplays. At the bottom of the link below, they also have a sans and a code version. I also love iA Writer's fonts, available free as well.

    Courier Prime: https://quoteunquoteapps.com/courierprime/
    iA Writer Family of fonts: https://ia.net/downloads#fonts

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  • iA Writer's fonts are a direct modification of the 2018 IBM Plex Mono designed by Mike Abbink and Blue Monday Type Foundry available for free and open source.

    If you love typography you must see their project page where IBM commissioned a complete typographic system for all commercial and corporate communications in both print and digital.

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