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Integrated plain text folders for Ulysses and The Archive?

  1. My Ulysses files are all .txt and not in the internal Ulysses library. They are in Documents/Writing, with various subfolder orginization, containing fiction, non-fiction, and correspondence.
  2. My The Archive files are also all .txt and in Documents/Archive.
  3. My goal in combining them would be to increase ease of thought and cross referencing/pollination of ideas, hopefully without muddying the focused use of either app.

1. Has anyone combined usages like this? What works? What doesn't? Any head scratchers?
2. Recommendations?


With abandon,


  • Puzzling it through more, I'm planning to: move "Writing" to be a subfolder of "Archive App". That way The Archive has access to all, but Ulysses doesn't get muddled by the planning and notes. Unless I put both under a common folder, so they are sibling folders, so I can easily navigate either from either app. Hmmm. More puzzling to do.

  • @DeaconPatrick

    I don't think The Archive sees sub-folders (except for the "media" folder).

    This sounds like an ambitious project - is it too ambitious, the way you have described it?

    Many people on the forum have talked about bringing years worth of notes into their Zettelkasten; most settle for the "one at a time" approach, when it makes sense to incorporate an idea or when it is needed.

  • You make a great point, @GeoEng51 . The good news is when I try this it is by folder shifts, so easily done/undone. The "one at a time" approach would otherwise be a viable way to try it, but I have to point both apps to the folder they use, so may as well go by folders rather than individual docs. I need to wait until my brain is less foggy to give it a go.

  • I love it when a question gets answered in a completely different way, from a completely different direction, but I am open to seeing it because I asked the question in the first place.

    I discovered Hook app, which generates a clickable link that can be pasted into any app, and now The Archive, NotePlan, Ulysses, et al act like one interlinked personal wiki. Delightful! https://hookproductivity.com

    With abandon,

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