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Michel Foucault’s reading notes

Hello everybody,

In my on-going research on “learned” note-taking methods, I discovered that Michel Foucault’s reading notes (from the Foucault archives at the Bibliothèque nationale de France) were recently (2020) digitised and uploaded on the following website. Strictly speaking, they aren’t “Zettelkasten”, as they are ordered thematically in folders corresponding to Foucault’s research theme (for example, Box 1 is dedicated to Penal system in the Middle Ages, itself split into 14 folders such as “medieval revolts”, “Roman law in the Middle Ages” etc.) Foucault cross-referenced other authors, but this doesn’t seem to be linked to folders/page numbering. Each of the pages/reading cards is numbered and to the extent I could estimate in A5 format.

The notes are of course mostly in French, but they might be interesting also to those who don’t speak the language - as a historical example.



  • Google Chrome automatic translation seems to work on these, thanks for sharing!

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