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Tag Completion for 1Writer

I've written a tag completion for 1Writer.
Since I heard about 1Writer on this forum some of you might use it as well.

It allows you to insert multiple tags at once.
The completion is based on a file tags.md which should exist in the folder of the current file.
To create this file you can use my Tag Index script or by using Wills Keyboard Maestro shortcut and saving the variable to tags.md.

When you add the 1Writer action as an extended keyboard button you can easily add a tag from your tag index.

The script is also very easy to configure.
You can configure if you want to be able to add multiple items at once and also format the selection before inserting. (I use [[#tag]] since this works in 1Writer and The Archive but my Tag Index just uses #tag).
Changing the input file it can also insert anything else you might want.


  • Oooh, I really dig introducing a convention like "keep a tags.md file in your archive" -- if that catches on, it incentivizes creating even more tools/scripts piggybacking on that overview file.

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  • Yes. I also changed the tags Keyboard Maestro shortcut to use this file as well.

    If someone wants to use a fixed set of tags, the file could be managed manually as well.

  • @ctietze would be awesome if The Archives upcoming Tag Index would have an option to save itself to tags.md.

    This would probably also help with a broader adoption :)

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