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Tag Management [Possible feature request]

How do you manage your tags in The Archive? I'd like the ability to:

  • see all tags
  • autocomplete tags, to aid with tag recognition and consistancy
  • ability to edit a tag, that changes the tag in all its instances
  • combine tags. for example, if I have some #project and others #projects because I lost my head and used plural instead of singular (as a simple example) --> combine to #project

I'm debating starting a tag list, but I would rarely reference it so the effort seems foolish.

What works for you? Are there ways to do any of the above that I've not yet found? What do you wish for in tag management? Thanks!

With abandon,


  • @DeaconPatrick Hello again! Some good questions; most of them don't have answers right now, although @ctietze can speak to what is on the "in development" list.

    In regard to your first bullet point, @Will created a Keyboard Maestro macro that runs in the background on your computer and updates a list of tags in your Zettelkasten, every time you add one. I have found it quite useful and access it often to remind myself what tags I've already used and how many zettels each tag is attached to (the macro also does that).

    There is a thread on this forum devoted to useful Keyboard Maestro macros here:


    I'm sure you will find Will's macros there and perhaps some others that would be of use to you.

    I don't think any of your bullet 2 to 4 items can be done (at present).

  • Auto-completion or suggesting of tags is on our roadmap for after scriptability and the new editor ship. With scripts, generating an overview of tags will be possible, too. Same with automating review tasks like mass-renaming of tags.

    Any other text editor or mass text replacement tools will serve you for the time being.

    The nice thing about most English pluralizations is the -s suffix -- you can search for #project and still get matches for #projects, too. That's how I deal with this a lot of times: I just don't change the tags at all and work with partial word matches :)

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