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Hello all

Hello all, I've made a few posts here and then discovered the introduction forum so I'll make the obligatory post now.

My background: over 40, on my second technical career but am a broad minded generalist interested in a wide variety of topics. I was using several different note taking and productivity-type tools over the years ranging from Notepad and Word to Evernote and Omnifocus. I've been using a zettelkasten for a few months now, using Obsidian, and have learned a lot by studying various note taking methods and systems in the process. My current system is very ZK-ish but also (thanks to the flexibility of Obsidian) combines work project notes and meeting notes alongside my ZK proper. I am a firm believer in Andy Matuschak's ZK-influenced note taking principles, in particular his advice on note titles, and have seen this lead to powerful results in my own notes and have built on his principles with a few of my own as well.

I've found this forum and the posters here to be invaluable sources of information and have lurked here for some time before posting, along with other forums, and I look forward to participating more in the discussions here and learning along with everyone else.


  • Hi davecan!

    Thanks for your intro and background info.

    Always interesting to read about what others are doing and learn from them.

    Appreciate your mention of Andy. Was not aware of him and his Evergreen Notes ideas before. But spent some time this morning reading his webpages and learning about his approach. Has some great ideas as you suggested.

    And thank you again for your post in my forum thread!



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