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questions about using image preview in v1.6.0

I was happy to install The Archive v1.6.0 and esp. use the new image preview. Thanks for the work on it!

I was concerned that only 3 of 6 images I already had in my Archive would display.
I found a comment about maxInlineImagePreviewHeight setting and thought that might help but it didn't (and I see the previews do resize horizontally, so that seems good.)

I found two things that seem like issues:

  1. .svg images don't display, where .jpg and .png do; I have some .svg diagrams (including ones I lifted from wikipedia); they do show in OSX preview.
  2. Images with absolute path of form "file:///Users/..." don't preview but those with "/Users/..." do. I have been using the "" format, because when I click on links like thatthe are opened in the Finder to the correct folder (for both outside files and images), but if the path is just "" nothing opens. So perhaps this is an issue both with clicking on a link and also with image preview.

Thanks. (Sorry I didn't try these with the pre-release.)


  • Escapes around formatting in my point #2: "I have been using the "![xxx](file:///...)" ...'

  • I'd like to get SVG to work eventually as well -- it's an odd file format because it is essentially a text file that needs rendering on a canvas, so I would have to do much more myself than "load image file at path" and figure out how to not break the rest of the editor around that :) So it'll take some more time to get around to this.

    I took note of the file:// scheme thing. We already have fixes for percent encoded paths, so getting rid of the URL scheme prefix will work.

    The Archive should now also reveal files in Finder without the full path and the file:// URL scheme prefix, by the way. Could you check that? As a quick fix for your 6 images, that might be an option. We'll still be releasing a fix for this, though, because in the long run, supporting absolute paths with the URL prefix is important for us under the credo of not locking users into our app.

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  • "The Archive should now also reveal files in Finder without the full path and the file:// URL scheme prefix"

    This works, unless the path has a '%20' in it. In that case the preview works, the cursor does turn to a pointer, but it does nothing if you click on it. That confused me since I've used %20 for all spaces in paths.

    If the path has a ' ' space then both preview and clicking on it work.

    And also 'file:///' does not permit any ' ' spaces in it (which I would imagine is officially correct for the url path).

  • I see! When the file:// stuff works, the other quirks you mention should go away, too. Thanks for pointing these out!

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  • @eric_arthen The image preview now works better with percent-encoded file paths in v1.7.5.

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    I just use a relative path for the image. I prefer this to absolute paths because it means that I can move the notes anywhere and the image will still work in markdown.

    I store all my images in a “media” directory and then do this:


    I use the Alfred workflow for The Archive and it makes adding images to a note from anywhere really simple.

  • @ctietze Thank you! Yes, the file:/// preview works well now in 1.7.5. And also the various image preview path types are all correctly clickable to show the files in finder.

    @pryley Yes, for most of my images I also use the 'media/' relative locations, but I have some images that already exist and are used elsewhere on my computer, so then I need full paths.

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