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Migrating existing notes to TheArchive

Any tips?

I will need/want the following:

  • Rename all files to ZK-style format (UID + possible other naming scheme here)
  • Add tags - currently partially tagged, some in Markdown/YAML frontmatter styles
  • then moved into TheArchive folder - currently in multiple subfolders

Are there any tools inside TheArchive to help with this? I have not been able to find them so far...


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    what's your current naming scheme at the moment?

    We have a couple of renaming scripts and Keyboard Maestro actions (that use a script down the line) to perform various tasks. Check out the forum search for "script", "renaming" and the like.

    Moving everything into 1 folder should be the easiest :)

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  • @donblanco Don - how many files do you have? I guess, as @ctietze suggests, if they have one or two naming schemes, then it wouldn't be too difficult to use a renaming app or script to add on a UID at the beginning of the file name. I'm not sure what you mean by "add tags" - do you mean based on the current file name?

  • Hazel (https://noodlesoft.com) will do all sorts of useful things in file manipulation, including renaming, moving and tagging. Amazing utility.

  • FYI, name isn't Don - that's just spanish for Mr. White... lol

    I ended up pulling just a small subset of files over to TheArchive for ZettelKasten purposes. Will use some renaming tool or other to do that part. Maybe Hazel, currently on trial. Or Path Finder, also on trial.

    My current naming scheme is ... I don't really have one. For the non-ZK files I am using a modified system that is somewhat complicated and probably won't help ZK files at all.

  • @donblanco It sounds like your solution is going to be mostly manual, with some help from other tools that will only automate part of the job. :sigh:

  • I have switched back to VS Code for file renaming and will probably pursue ZK with it as well.

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