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Linking from org files into The Archive

I found out you can define custom link types in org-mode. I added one for the zettel: prefix:


  :follow (lambda (searchterm)
                  (browse-url (concat "thearchive://match/" searchterm)))

  ;; Don't fold links but show ID and description:
  ;;   [[zettel:202102101021][Title or description here]]”
  :display 'full)

This allows me to write [[zettel:202102120848]] in org and when I click on the link, I'm taken to a search in The Archive exactly as if I clicked [[202102120848]] inside the app.

Maybe a shorter prefix would be a good idea: zk or just z. "zettel" stands out quite a bit.

Article: https://christiantietze.de/posts/2021/02/emacs-org-mode-zettel-link/

Author at Zettelkasten.de • https://christiantietze.de/

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