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My first Zettle

I created my first Zettel. I did quite a bit of reading and I think I understand the concept pretty well, but I'd like your thoughts. Is this an acceptable Zettel? Am I understanding this correctly?

P.S. I'm using obsidian.

uuid: D5A2DFE6-E708-474D-8F24-76BAEAB39D6E
title: Ray Dalio's Holy Grail Reduces Risk without reducing reward
create: 2021-02-11 14:58
tags: #deversivation, #investing, #risk-to-reward-ratio
# Ray Dalio's Holy Grail Reduces Risk without reducing reward
tags: #deversification, #investing, #risk-to-reward-ratio

<!-- Short explaination of thought with links (links include context).-->
By diversifying portfolio assets with little or no correlation to each other, you can reduce your risk without reducing your reward.

15 uncorrelated assets is his "holy grail", you can visualize the math below:

![Image for post](https://miro.medium.com/max/1348/0*XGZ20Vh6-uRwHZiw)

<!-- bibliography -->
Manka, Simon. “Ray Dalio: Correlation ‘Holy Grail.’” _Medium_, 21 May 2019, https://medium.com/ampleforth/ray-dalio-correlation-holy-grail-6b3675eaf68a.


  • @broskees welcome to the forum.

    Your zettel looks great. I say that because it looks like many of mine and great minds think alike.

    I have a couple of suggestions.
    1. What's with the duplicate tags line? Seems redundant. If you want tags in the output, have your export template include the YAML frontmatter tag line. Or if you suspect you'd always want to export the tags line, then remove the tag line from the YAML.
    2. I, too, use comments as prompts in my templates, but I overwrite them during note creation. This makes the note less cluttered visually.
    3. I tend to be a verbal person rather than a visual, and I would add verbally what the "math below" showed.

    Will Simpson
    I'm a Zettelnant.
    Research: Attention Horizon, Dzogchen, Non-fiction Creative Writing

  • edited February 11

    @Will thanks for the kind words!!

    When you say "export template" what do you mean?

  • How could you include the frontmatter in the post itself?

  • The export template is probably the wrong terminology. I'm thinking about the processor and preprocessor templates that are used in exporting markdown or previewing it. YAML frontmatter is used by pandoc and Marked2 in file conversion, and this is something I'm exploring. Maybe it will lead nowhere and become mute when The Archive moves to MultiMarkDown, but I want to be prepared.

    I put metadata in the frontmatter so I can efficiently run scripts on it and in the off chance of needing it for a custom preprocessor. This is not something I have experience with but only have read about as a possibility.

    I'm not familiar with Obsidian. I don't know if Obsidian's preview/export processor is user-customized.

    Will Simpson
    I'm a Zettelnant.
    Research: Attention Horizon, Dzogchen, Non-fiction Creative Writing

  • Oh interesting idea. I script everything so that's quite a useful concept. My only issue with it would be that I'd be quite married to obsidian with how I view my Zettelkasten. I think I'll just opt for removing from the frontmatter and keeping it DRY.

  • @broskees , welcome to the forum. My approach to Zettelkasten is simple. All of my zettels
    are plain txt files in Dropbox and have this structure,

    Updated: 2021-02-12  
    Tags: #tag1 #tag_i
    # TITLE

    I use aText on macOS to write all this. Whenever I type \\zettel the text above appears and leaves the cursor at TITLE so I can start typing the title.

    This is an example of one of my notes and you'll see why I type a first line description of the zettel;

    Slow media aims to create and consume content that is focused in attention and is timeless, intended to have a similar experience as slow food.
    Updated: 2020-07-26  
    Tags: #twdn #slow_media #publishing

    First line description. In iA Writer (macOS, iOS, Android) I navigate my notes through tags, direct search of the file, or via the sidebar using the short description I wrote on each note's first line as I show here;

    Despite not being robust, the advantage of this simple note template is that is easy to type on the phone or on the iPad. Even though I type faster on my desktop computer, I still type and read many notes on my phone and this template stills accessible

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