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Inline Image Preview not working

edited February 2021 in Resolved Issues

I'm so excited for the image feature! -- and I want to put the missing figures in my notes. But something isn't working. Here's a screenshot:

What's not right?

Edit: I found a typo in the filename, but the filename and path match.


  • Well, I'm no expert, but I would never put a full stop in a folder name. Seems like asking for trouble to me.

  • @Sociopoetic I'm shooting in the dark as well, but I thought (so far) that you had to put all images in a sub-folder called "media", within your main ZK folder. So your reference would be something like:

    ![May at about 25 years old](media/May About 25.png)

    I know this statement works, by the way, as I took it right out of one of my Zettels.

  • @GeoEng51 I tried that, still nothing (though doing so also fixed the concern raised by @MartinBB. The magic seemed to happen when I toggled "Show Image Previews" under the "View" menu. I found this by searching the Help menu.

    Apologies for not trying that before...

  • @Sociopoetic

    This works for me so I think the problem should be easy to figure out.

    The previewing seems to use the system setting for the path to your archive so the /Users/calab/Documents/00-system/zettelkasten/ is redundant.

    You are using 176?

    You have "Show Image Previews" turned on?

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  • @Will, the "Show Image Previews" seemed to be the issue; I somehow missed that before.

    * Grins sheepishly, returns to playing with Zettels *

  • @Sociopoetic
    Note also that when you go into The Archive preferences, you can define not only the name of your main ZK folder but also the name of the subfolder containing your images:

  • Sorry for forgetting to mention this has to be turned on manually at the moment :)

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  • I personally like that it is manual because the images can be distracting when in the flow of writing.

    Will Simpson
    “Read Poetry, Listen to Good Music, and Get Exercise”

  • @ctietze Thanks! The more I use The Archive, the more I love it.

    @Will, at first I disagreed, but upon studying this morning I found it useful to write in a note without an image showing. In my primary discipline (GIS), figures are necessary and illustrative but don't fully replace a well-written explanation of a thorny topic. In short, the toggle seems wise.

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