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Python utility for working with zettel ids

Something I've been making off and on for a little while has been (proprietary) software for interacting with a Zettelkasten. Recently I've been trying to figure out if I'm going to continue working on it or not, and leaning toward not. At least, not as a proprietary thing where I don't release any code. So I'm going to try to move as much code as I can that would be useful for others into the public domain. This is my first release of any of this code: a Python library that can work with zettel ids, both Luhmann-style and structure style. The basic README I wrote up gives a bit more detail of what's in there.

The code is over on Github under the MIT license: https://github.com/Freezerburn/pyzettel

I'm hoping I can have enough motivation to add more useful utilities here over time. An example would be something that parses a Zettelkasten Markdown file in the style of what you write in The Archive and give you information about what's in it such as links to other files or any metadata in a frontmatter section. My hope is that this can be useful for the script writers here to keep making cool stuff.

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