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Track writing progress in org-mode table

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Of course there's a package for that: https://github.com/tty-tourist/org-tracktable

Sample from the readme:

#+NAME: tracktable
| ! | date          | beg | end | total | comment |
|   | initial count |   0 |   0 |     0 |         |
#+TBLFM: @2$2=initial count::$2='(org-tracktable-stamp)::@2$3=0::$3=(@-1$4)::$4='(org-tracktable-current-count)::$5=$4-$3

The package adds functions to add rows to the table with the current stats. This is not rocket science, and I bet someone here might be able to whip up something similar with Keyboard Maestro and output to a Markdown file ;)

What's cool about org-mode tables: you can have formula that calculate cell values. That's built-in.

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  • Nice! I was thinking of something similar when reading the "Make Writing a Part of Your Identity" post yesterday.

    I use Bear and created a simple Alfred Workflow to add a line with simple information regarding my ZK status. There is room for improvement (more precise word count, for example) but I'm happy with my MVP. :smiley:

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