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"The ID of the Zettel is both in the filename and in the contents of the file."

In the introduction to ZK Sascha writes the above and I can see from this example (image below) that it is the case. However, when I name a note in The Archive the title doesn't seem to automatically show up in the body of the note as in the example. Is there a setting that I need to change? Thanks, Rhod


  • I also want to know this. Thanks for asking it.

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    @Rhod If you select Note...New in the Archive, the program creates a new note whose name is a UID. The program puts you on the first line of an empty file, where you can type your title. If you want the title in your file name, you have to double click on the file name in the note list and add it.

    However, @Will has created a "new note" macro that does a lot more (This macro is written with Keyboard Maestro; you will see a lot of Keyboard Maestro and Alfred macros discussed on this forum). With Will's macro, you hit "ctrl + z" and a window pops up asking for the title of the note. You type in (just) the title. A new note is created whose name is a UID + the note title (for example, "202001061620 This is a new note") and your cursor is placed in the note. The title is already there "This is a new note" and the UID can also be there, as well as other metadata (depending on how the macro is set up).

    Here is how that would look on my computer:

    If you want to read more about this and to download Will's macro, see:


    If you want to read up about other macros for use with The Archvie, see:


  • Thanks @GeoEng51 for your excellent and useful response! I will check out the macros section.

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