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Can the forum search here be improved?


When I use the forum search on this website, I never really find what I want in a sensible amount of time. I think this is because the search results are comments / individual posts instead of threads, which leads to too many results to go through until the one I'm looking for finally appears. The search also doesn't seem to favour matches in thread titles over matches in comments. Usually threads are what I want to find, not individual comments.

An example: If I want to find the thread "org-mode vs taskpaper" and enter its exact title (which is unrealistic, but should make it more likely to appear) into the search field, I have to go through 7-8 pages of search results with the "Next" button before the first comment from that thread appears in the list of results. As a comparison: If I make a DuckDuckGo search with the same search string, the desired thread is the first search result – even without a keyword like "Zettelkasten Forum"...


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