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Periodic Update of Zettels

Is there a type of Zettel that purposefully asks or invites you to update it periodically? An obvious example would be one where you are taking regular observations of something around you (maybe in the physical world but maybe elsewhere, like say a person evaluating their mental state once in awhile) and where your observations and their addition to a Zettel improves the value of or meaning behind it.

But maybe this kind of Zettel or this approach to writing a Zettel could be used in other ways.

Is this something you’ve thought about or even practiced? If so, could share your application of the idea and how it is working for you?


  • Those are structure notes in my case, I have several "lists of resources" for several projects. Those get updated frequently. For example, I have one in editorial design and publishing where I list all the videos, books, magazines, and important zettels that are directly related to editorial design or publishing. For pixel art, I have another list with links to videos, one ebook, and several websites. Only crucial and important references make it to the list of resources, otherwise it will get crowded. Think of it as a curated list of things I'll cite in an important public presentation. (Doing the work already for my future-self).

    The corresponding project lists also get updated frequently.

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