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Keysmith: maybe an alternative to those intimidated by Keyboard Maestro

edited December 2020 in Software & Gadgets

Tyler Hall brought to my attention that there's a rather simple to set up keyboard shortcut app for Mac called Keysmith: https://www.keysmith.app/

If you've heard about all the things users on this forum do with Keyboard Maestro but find the app intimidating, maybe this is a good alternative?

via https://tyler.io/240-invisible-pixels/

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  • Thanks for the share Christian, looks promising!

    Comes exactly at the right time as on the M1 Macbook Air someone thought Keyboard Backlight needn't be mapped to one of the system keys (but hey, let's instead have dedicated keys for Spotlight and Dictation, who could remember these complicated hotkeys!)

    So I've been looking for sth. to adjust Keyboard brightness from the keyboard and not having to fiddle with the controls in the menu bar. Could fit the bill :)

    Ich verzettel mich... ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Thank you for this @ctietze. Put me down as one of those intimidated by Keyboard Maestro. I shall give Keysmith a look.

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