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How to Creat a Bibliography

What are the steps to create a Bibliography in The Archive?


  • Can you explain what you want to achieve exactly? I'm asking because in the English-speaking web, it seems "reference manager" is the tool to manage a "bibliography". (I'd use BibDesk because it's simple, fast, and open source.) So to me it sounds like you want to cite sources in your notes, and e.g. use a bibliography in your notes within The Archive. If that's the case, you can use my BibDesk MultiMarkdown export template: https://gist.github.com/DivineDominion/6870769 -- that way, if you ⌘C copy items in BibDesk, you get some markup that you can paste into your note.

    See e.g. https://zettelkasten.de/posts/bibliography-zettelkasten/

    Does that make sense?

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  • @ctietze I have a follow-up question about your MultiMarkdown export template in BibDesk. Is the intent to follow any particular citation format standard, or simply to get enough data into the citation so as to identify the source in the Zettel even if it doesn't conform to MLA, APA, etc.?

    I suppose that one could expand the export template to allow for standards-based citation formats irrespective of the type of medium. Are you aware of any such endeavours?

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  • @aduncan It resembles the citation styles I was used to in Germany to make it easy enough to eyeball for details. It's also incomplete for a lot of non-book and non-article cases. In the end, it's supposed to tell me enough about the original to know what this is about (author, title, year) and to have some redundancy to have a chance to fetch missing metadata, should my database file get lost. If you find someone who made a full MLA/APA-compliant export template, please tell me about it :)

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    If you find someone who made a full MLA/APA-compliant export template, please tell me about it :)

    Here is my rough and barely tested draft of a BibDesk export template for the APA style.

    You can take it and modify according to your needs.

    Hope this helps.

  • @saf_dmitry Nice, thanks for sharing! I'll let this simmer and wait for changed by others, then add the MultiMarkdown cite key prefix to the export for compatibility 👍

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