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[SOLVED] [REQUEST] Keyboard Shortcut to Shift Paragraphs Up and Down


There is a small feature that has been added to a number of text editors that is of great value when drafting or editing copy. It is the ability to shift a paragraph of text up or down using a keyboard combination of, say Cntrl+Cmd+ Up arrow or Down arrow. Sometimes it's Opt+CMD+Arrow, and in BBEdit it is Cntrl+Arrow but the specifics don't really matter given shortcut mapping in Preferences.

Originally part of the MS Word keyboard shortcuts (and WordPerfect and AmiPro back in the Dark Ages) the feature was never included in core Apple functionality, but was added over time to WriteRoom, TaskPaper, Folding Text, Notational Velocity, NVAlt, NVUltra, IA Writer, BBEdit, Ulysses, Scrivener, just about every writing tool except for Apple's Pages and TextEdit. I understand it's a rather trivial programing project to add the function, but I'm not a programer, but as a writer I know that I reach for this tool many times during the day and its not being in The Archive is always disappointing.

I hope that this small editing feature can be added to The Archive's functionality in the future.

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  • This will totally come ASAP. Once the new editor is ready, this is one of the first things I'll add on top. I suffer from the lack of ordering list items every day, so you could say there's a strong incentive in the R&D department and the engineering team to not wait until summer next year with this ... :)

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  • Excellent! Just one more thing to make a really solid application even better. Till then we will together suffer knowing relief is on the way. (Thanks!)

  • @DougWrites, this is what I use for this and it works in most mac apps. A keyboard binding. ⌃⌘⬆ move line up and ⌃⌘⬇ moves line down.


    This is included in Brett Terpstra's super cool and useful keybindings https://brettterpstra.com/projects/keybindings/

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  • @ctietze: Great! Will that also work with list items?

  • @Will Thank you so much! I've used Brett's stuff for years now and never looked at Keybindings. How did I miss this?

  • @Vinho said:
    @ctietze: Great! Will that also work with list items?

    Yes, it works for list items. When reordering an ordered list, some apps, including The Archive, will not automatically renumber the list while items change their position in the list. In The Archive, it can take three ⌃⌘t to restructure the numbering. Not ideal, but if one is doing a bunch of reordering, it is not too much trouble.

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  • With v1.6.2 (on the 'cutting edge' channel since today), shortcuts to move the selected lines or the current line were added.

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  • Thank you, sir!

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