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Integrating Zettelkasten into my personal content strategy via MyHub.ai

Hi everyone,

I came across the Zettelkasten concept about a year ago, as I was preparing the beta-launch of MyHub.ai. I'm therefore coming at Zettelkasten from a different direction here: the basic idea of MyHub is more to support users' online presence than manage knowledge in a private back office.

But I discovered, as I read more about Zettelkasten, that MyHub.ai actually did support a lot of zettelkasten ideas, and so could become a hybrid personal publishing and productivity tool.

Latest post on that here: Simplifying Zettelkasten by working out loud. It's also the latest in all the resources I LikeThinkDo tagged #zettelkasten on my Hub.

Looking forward to learning more.


  • I don’t need what Zettelkasten calls Fleeting and Permanent notes. If ideas occur as I curate some content, I’ll simply add the tag ‘fleeting’ to the Resource. And if I feel the need to write up a separate idea, I simply create a new Resource, classify it “Think”, tag it as needed plus add the tag ‘fleeting’. [from the post]

    Oh no, who distinguishes notes like that :)

    I just want to piggyback on the quote to point out that I don't quite get the distinction that popped up in the ZK community. I do get why someone wants to have labels for stuff in one's Zettelkasten and stuff one write with a lipstick on a handkerchief because there's just nothing else handy to capture an idea. But all this subdividing and labeling doesn't seem to help much when it comes to understanding the pretty simple and fluid process.

    So I think your "immune" reaction is to-the-point, @mathew: either you write something down, or you don't, and if you do, you might as well exert some effort to make it useful.

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  • I'm so glad to hear I'm not alone on this @ctietze - so thanks for the comment!
    I think the only thing I need to add to myhub.ai is the option of setting a post to 'private', but I was going to do that anyway because each Editor's private space is also where I'll be adding a Reading Queue and other services, as set out in Imagining new MyHub.ai features as the pilot Hubs launch.

    One thing that's missing from the above post is an authoring tool - something I'm scoping out now as part of the Interhackt design hackathon. Could I ask you to take a look at my (very) draft entry and let me know if tools like this already exist?

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