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Twitter and social media conversations

Hey everyone. Do you find yourself capturing Tweets or conversation threads on social media? How do you incorporate them into your zettelkasten?

Sometimes I screenshot them if its a single tweet before writing on it, but its complicated when it comes to entire conversations.

I don't mean capturing as in transcribing, btw, but essentially summarizing the ideas shared in the conversation.

Any ideas for how I can improve on this?


  • I don't think it's that different, tbh. Tweets (and a thread of tweets or a twitter convo) is a kind of text and should therefore also work as a source just like other texts. So the question remains the same: Figure out the idea/concept/intriguing information behind the words that you read and put that into a note, then source it.

    Practically speaking, I do like to quote tweets, sometimes extensively - if I happen to write a note about a tweet or a conversation or thread - especially if I have been part of a conversation - tweets tend to get deleted, accounts closed, etc.

    The following is an example I happen to work on atm (sorry for the German). Note that the whole note (with all the tweets) doesn't even fit in the screenshot:

  • Thanks! I suppose its got more to do with remembering and thinking more carefully on what I found interesting rather than just acknowledging that something about it is interesting.

  • @jellis The timing of your question is perfect, as last weekend I had a long text message conversation with one of my daughters about how people don't always act or talk in a way that is in their best interest, or even in a way that they desire, and why that might be. I haven't written the zettel yet, but it's on my "to do next" list and I've been pondering if I needed to approach it any differently than any other information I had read or heard. Probably not. It's a bit different because of the medium and the fact that I'm already half of the conversation, but I should be able to approach it in the same way as writing other zettels.

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