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[REQUEST] quickly switch between multiple recently opened Archives

I switch between 3 archives (personal/general knowledge, work specific, a fiction project). I would at least like the Switch Archive feature to support Open recent, remember the ones I've used most recently (more than 1, perhaps 5) and let me just click to choose one. Rather than always have to navigate to the folder.

I didn't see a request for this, though there are related (more complex) requests like having more than one archive open.

Thanks for the great app.


  • I have a partial work around I've used this year that may help others. I marked each of my Archive folders with the same one of the OSX file tags, and so when I choose to Switch archives, in the Open window I scroll down on the left side to that tag and have the list of available archives.

    It is a number of steps, but since the archive folders are not near each other on my file system, this is faster.

    @ctietze I recently started using the 1.7.x versions and see all the great changes there. Since you are busy with that, I thought I'd ping this small request for the "Switch Archives..." feature to have a list of the top most recently used Archives.

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