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A Zettelkasten - Anki setup

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I was wondering for a while how I could integrate Anki into my Zettelkasten. I found a way with a great code by Pseudonium called Obsidian-to-Anki: https://github.com/Pseudonium/Obsidian_to_Anki.

This allows you to import flashcards from a .md file and to create your own regex to define which cards should be included.

Because my cards usually look like

tags: #Sometag
date: 2020-11-04 18:49:47
uid: 20201104184947


# Example 

## References

I used the following regex ^(?:.|\n)*#Anki(?:.|\n?)*\n# (.*)\n+((?:.|\n?)*?)(?:## References) so that simply adding the tag #Anki will add my card to Anki, with the title as a question. You might be able to add some more complicated cards, but I thought this was the most elegant way to do it. Hope this will help some people!

PS: #Anki needs to be the last tag included otherwise it will not work.
PS2: the Obsidian-to-Anki plugin works with Mathjax and even converts "$$" into "(" to that Anki will recognize them automatically. Truly great.

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