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Evernote Version 10 And A Note On My Macros

Evernote has released their new Mac (and Windows) client. The new client doesn't have any applescripting capabilities, yet. So if you happen to rely on any KM-macro I may have created or other pieces of applescript the connect to Evernote in some way, you may want to wait a little before updating. Alternatively, you might want to get the legacy Version of the app - which can be installed side by side with the new client. If you opt for the legacy app, be aware that the application name has changed. So instead of writing tell application "Evernote" it should now be tell application "Evernote Legacy" in your applescripts.

This post on my blog has updated "legacy" versions of all my macros.


  • Oh man, this is a worrying trend: that major players in the app ecosystem drop AppleScript support.

    Do you know if they announced to add this back later? If not, I don't have very high hopes to be honest 😶

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  • @ctietze It is indeed a worrying trend. If they don't add applescript to this incarnation or any other API to script Evernote, I will have to move on, if I want it, or not. I don't think anything has been announced. Good that you discovered yarle a while back. :)

    It's a pity: Evernote v. 10 looks pretty nice and although it lacks polish, it shows potential. But without scriptability it's indeed a no go.

  • I guess applescript support is coming back:

    But please be aware that there are a handful of features—such as AppleScript, import folders, and the ability to edit note creation dates—that are not yet available.

    From the announcement in evernote's blog.

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