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CLI Seinfeld Calendar for your notes

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A few weeks ago I came across this nice tip of aiming for writing 3 notes a day instead of aiming for word counts or time spent writing.

I thought that was a nice metric, and I wanted to see how I was doing, so I hacked up a little command line script to show me how often I managed to achieve it. Here's what it looks like:

$ feed-the-zettelkasten ~/notes
2020-09-25: ❌
2020-09-26: ✅
2020-09-27: ❌
2020-09-28: ❌
2020-09-29: ❌
2020-09-30: ❌
2020-10-01: ❌
2020-10-02: ✅
2020-10-03: ✅
2020-10-04: ❌

I figured it would be worth publishing, so I gave myself a few hours today to get it into a better state to publish and push to rubygems.

There are a few flags to tune the output:

$ feed-the-zettelkasten --help
Usage: feed-the-zettelkasten [options] NOTES_DIR
        --from[=DATE]                Include notes after DATE (default: 30 days ago)
        --to[=DATE]                  Include notes before DATE (default: today)
        --target[=INTEGER]           Number of notes required to meet daily goal (default: 3)
        --ext[=STRING]               Note extension (default: md)
    -v, --version                    Print version
    -h, --help                       Prints this help

I use The Archive, so it currently requires timestamp-based ID in the note filename to calculate notes per day.

It's pretty feature complete for my needs, but I'm open to bug reports, feature requests and pull requests on GitHub. If anyone wants to write some tests I wouldn't say no 🙈.


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