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Lingering Highlights in Notes

Hi All - New-ish user (June), first time poster.

I can't quite figure out how the highlighting is suppose to behave when doing searches from the Omnibar.

I think the easiest way to describe what I'm seeing is that some of my notes have persistent highlights from past searches. These will clear when I select other text.

But I also see highlights that are lighter (my solarized theme has a bright pink primary highlight color and these secondary highlights are slightly darker than my normal background color) and even more persistent...they don't clear when I click/select other text.

I'd like to clear these highlights without losing the note I'm in. Is this possible? Maybe I'm just not fully getting the expected behavior?



  • I think I answered my question. I re-read the welcome note and found this:

    If you surround a word or a string with double brackets, The Archive makes it clickable like it does for tags, see: [[201802121037 Welcome to The Archive]] It is a search command you can click on. If you are specific enough with your search term you can link to a specific file. The Archive will automatically display a good match from the search results in the note editor to pull this effect off.

    I didn't realize this was happening.

    After tinkering a bit, the thing that I don't like is that it will select and pre-load the find window with the first thing in your search...and that sticks around even if you click another link it keeps it that way. It makes me realize I should probably keep my search terms tighter, especially for saved searches.

    On the balance, I don't think I have a request, I think I get the workflow now.

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